Beverage Cards

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All Ages

When it comes to nutrition, not all drinks are created equal. Forty beverages cards represent commonly consumed drinks by a range of children, teens and adults; each card displaying the beverage to scale, considerate of actual serving size. On the back of the cards, users will find a Nutrition Facts panel for the beverage, an ingredient list, a table of the teaspoons of added sugar and a graphical display of the nutrients the beverage provides. 

Card size 5.5" x 8.5"
Box includes 40 cards


Designed to allow all audiences to learn about various beverages, they are ideal for:

  • Classroom health lessons
  • Classroom use as a way to apply math concepts
  • Health/PE lessons for active games
  • Individual nutrition counseling

 And teaching Washington State Health and Physical Education Standards concepts:

  • Beverages
  • Label literacy
  • Caloric intake and expenditure
  • High-sugar and high-caffeine drinks
  • Choosing healthy beverages


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